7 Travel Bags For Your Next Getaway

We all need to indulge in a relaxing weekend getaway every now and then. Whether you’re going to chill and let your mind wander in a beautiful scenic location, or enjoy the hustle-bustle of a big city, one hassle you don’t need is having the wrong travel bag!

Travel Bags

Nothing’s more frustrating than arriving excitedly at your destination, only to realise you didn’t pack the right things, or you didn’t have the space to bring everything you needed.

Moreover, on your way home, you might not have enough room for your newly acquired purchases, coz, we all love a little memento shopping when we travel, no?  


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As you go on a travel adventure, choosing the best travel bag for the occasion will make things so much easier and more enjoyable, and convenient.

To help you out, listed below are 7 Travel Bags For Your Next Getaway:

1. Leather Designer Travel Bags 

Looking for something stylish? Designer luggage like the leather range from Von Baer is a great option, as full grain leather is durable and professional, and ages well with leather patina. Von Baer offer a duffel bag, carry-on, tote, or backpack. 

Weekender Bag | berrysweetlife.com

Weekender bag from Vonbaer.com

This bag is great if you’re traveling professionally or just if you love leather bags (who doesn’t) and like to look super stylish as you travel.

You can match this with your other luggage or allow it to be your only bag for a short and sweet trip, which is ideal if you typically pack light.   

2. Wheeled Luggage 

Wheeled luggage

Nothing beats ease and comfort during a fun getaway. Even if you’re only away for the weekend, wheeled luggage is great if you want a single bag to store everything you need and have plenty of room for any souvenirs you plan to take home with you. 

And you don’t have to worry about lugging around heavy bags as you can easily wheel this type of suitcase around with one hand.

Additionally, if you’re using soft-shell wheeled luggage, you can bring more items with you, as the extra pockets allow additional space for your smaller items. 

3. Classic Duffle Bag 

Duffel Bag

Of course, the classic weekend bag would be the duffle bag. With its soft material, you can store pretty much anything and allow yourself to take everything with you with complete ease.

It’s flexible material allows you to store anything you like, especially if you carry odd sized items like a tripod or camera case. 

You can place a duffel bag on top of your wheeled luggage if necessary to free up your other hand.   

4. Wheeled Duffle Bag 

If you enjoy the idea of using a classic duffle bag, but you plan on bringing heavy items with you, such as a pair of sneakers, boots or heavy toiletries, a wheeled duffle bag would be the perfect solution. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a duffel, without having to hand-carry everything. You can easily wheel your bag around and enjoy the best of both worlds.  

5. Backpack 


A weekend getaway usually doesn’t demand bringing too many things with you, normally three sets of clothing should suffice.

In most cases, you can easily fit your clothes inside a backpack. If this is something that suits you, then using a backpack for your weekend getaway would be a great idea, as it’s convenient and functional at the same time. 

You don’t have to worry about too much weight as they’re evenly distributed to your shoulders. Plus, plenty of large backpacks are available that help to make backpacking easy and convenient for everyone (your four legged friend might even enjoy a lift in your backpack when s/he gets tired 😉 ).

A backpack is ideal if you’re traveling with a baby or toddler as your hands are free to hold your child and push their stroller. 

6. Garment Bag 

Smart Dress

If you’re off on a smart weekend getaway and you’re packing delicate clothing that gets easily crumpled, then using a garment bag would be a great idea.

This will allow you to travel with your smart attire without worrying about any fold marks or creases. This will also save you dry-cleaning costs on arrival. 

7. Laptop Bag 

Laptop Bag

If you’re planning to take your work with you or just can’t leave your home without your laptop, then having a laptop bag should be a part of your checklist.

A laptop bag will keep your computer and cables safe as you travel. It also has handy compartments for your cell phone, and book or e-reader and your passport.

7 Travel Bags For Your Next Getaway Takeaway:

Choosing the best travel bag for your weekend getaway can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure about what to pack.

But after deciding what you’ll need to take with you, you can choose the best bag that’ll suit all of your needs. With these 7 Travel Bags For Your Next Getaway, you’ll surely find one that best meets your needs. 

Travel Bag

Thanks for reading this post on 7 Travel Bags For Your Next Getaway.

Personally, I can’t wait to hit the road again soon! Or maybe step onto a plane for the first time in quite a few years, that’ll be an exciting moment.

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