4 Adrenaline Junkie Activities in Europe

We’ve scoured the European countryside for 4 Adrenaline Junkie Activities for those of you who like to add adventure to your vacations abroad. With dozens of countries, cultures and landscapes, it’s no wonder Europe is one of the most popular continents in the world for tourists seeking a fun, action packed getaway. 

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

Yet if you’re seeking an adrenaline adventure on your next European holiday, there’s plenty on offer for you.

Here are the best activities in Europe to get your heart pounding…

Our top picks for 4 Adrenaline Junkie Activities in Europe:

When In Switzerland 

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

Famous for its postcard-perfect mountain scenery, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and a great spot for thrill-seekers.

If you’re feeling daring, try the bungee jump off the Contra Dam in Ticino. At 220 metres it’s the highest bungee jump in the world – and was even featured in the James Bond film Goldeneye. Now that’s pretty cool.

In Lauterbrunnen you’ll find the aptly-named “thrill walk”, which will take you around a mountain on a daring walk featuring a tunnel and a glass-bottom floor.

If walking isn’t your thing, you could try flying instead. At Interlaken, nestled in the Swiss alps, you can go paragliding for breathtaking views across mountains and lakes.

Another one-of-a-kind thrill in Switzerland is exciting rides like mountain coasters, providing you with the best adventure. Mountain coasters are vehicles that offer riders the feel of riding a traditional roller coaster with the wind on their faces.  

They allow riders to excitingly navigate trails through spectacular valleys, mountain views, and lush forests for a great experience.

For example, Brunni Engelberg, located in Central Switzerland, can be one of the fantastic mountain coasters to choose from because of the exciting activities that come with it.  

Switzerland is the home of various thrilling mountain coaster rides. Because of this exceptional invention, similar mountain coaster attractions have popped up in other European countries and the U.S., particularly in Branson, Missouri.

When In Wales 

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

It might not be the first place you think of when it comes to adventure-filled holidays, but the lush landscapes of Wales are a great spot for thrills.

Here you’ll find the world’s fastest zipline at Penrhyn Slate Quarry in North Wales, as well as gorge walking in the stunning Brecon Beacons Park.

The latter will see you do everything from swimming in pools to climbing behind waterfalls, and is guaranteed to make a great day out.

Also, if you’d enjoy an epic skydiving adventure for your next trip, Wales can be the perfect destination. There are many skydiving facilities there, but Skydiving Wales in Snowdonia is exceptional because of the breathtaking views 7,000 or 10,000 ft below. 

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy some thrilling mountain bike trails, Snowdonia in Wales can be the best paradise for mountain bikers. If you love challenges, you can go with routes like the Gwydir Mawr Trail, The Cavity and False Teeth, where you will be met with astonishing mountain views.

When In Norway 

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

Fancy a spot of rafting? Head to the River Sjoa in Norway for some of the best white water rafting Europe has to offer.

There are a number of different companies offering different packages, so make sure to browse to see which experience suits you.

Norway is also a fantastic destination for mountain biking trails, with an array of routes to choose from. 

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

Nesbyen, Traktor bike park in Hadeland, Trysil and Ringebu are among the top destinations for those seeking thrills on wheels.

There are numerous bike hire companies around Norway, so no need to worry about bringing your own.

When In Spain

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

Spain is so much more than sunny beaches. Those seeking an adventurous activity should head to Tarifa, which is known as the kitesurfing capital of Europe thanks to its strong winds. 

Alternatively, you could try walking the El Caminito del Ray, a challenging route which will take you down a steep gorge in Málaga, Spain, and reward you with stunning views throughout. 

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

With all these heart-pounding activities, you’ll have earned that day on the beach when you’re done. 

Thanks for reading this post on our top picks for 4 Adrenaline Junkie Activities in Europe!

I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful in planning your next adventure filled vacation in Europe.

Best Adrenaline Junkie Activities In Europe | berrysweetlife.com

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