Best Travel Credit Cards of 2022

In this post we delve into how Travel Credit Cards have various rewarding programs and bonuses, which differ from your standard credit cards. The Best Travel Credit Cards of 2022 have many perks and benefits, all of which are outlined below.

 Best travel credit cards of 2022 |

Don’t miss the chance to save money and get valuable deals with car rentals, cheap flights, discounts for hotels, and many more benefits…

Tavel Credit Cards are available in two varieties:

  1. Co-Branded Travel Cards – earn bonuses when you use your travel credit card in your favourite stores and receive discounts for airline tickets and free nights in hotels. The list of organisations related to certain brands is restricted. Rewards are assessed for everyday spending.
  2. General Reward Travel Cards – which are issued mainly by banks. The working principle is the same as co-branded, but these travel cards are not limited to certain brands. 

Click here for detailed information and conditions. Before you apply, check our best picks for credit cards. This article also contains tips for successful planning. 

 Best travel credit cards of 2022 |

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 Best travel credit cards of 2022 |
Our trip to Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka

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Without further chit chat, lets get to the Best Travel Credit Cards of 2022:

 Best travel credit cards of 2022 |
Cape Town, South Africa

Chase Sapphire Reserve 

This card is widely used for luxurious trips because of its robust reward system and a vast number of perks. 

The annual fee is $500but it seems worth it because you get access to 1000+ VIP lounges in 500 cities worldwide, a Lyft Pink membership for a year, and special offers at The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collections. 

After using a $300 travel credit, the points increase up to 10x, and you can earn more on hotel and car bookings.

Their value grows to 50% on Chase Ultimate Rewards, and it is possible to pay for a cruise or hotel room. Cardholders are exempted from various transaction fees abroad. 

 Best travel credit cards of 2022 |
Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka

American Express Gold Card

The perfect card for foodie travellers because every time you dine out or purchase at U.S. supermarkets you get 4x the points. 

This means you can take great pleasure in eating, as you will be earning points to exchange in bonuses later for your next purchase on amazon or you can choose to redeem your points in the form of a gift certificate. 

The card allows dining credit (up to $120 annually), Uber Cash ($10 a month, don’t forget to add it to the app), and a baggage insurance plan which covers $1750 carry-on luggage. New owners are eligible for welcome bonuses during the first six months after activation.

The Travel Collection offers special travel perks, free room upgrades, and other amenities. The annual fee is $250 with 17.49% – 29.49% regular APR. 

 Best travel credit cards of 2022 |

Jet Blue Plus 

A budget-friendly travel card, suitable for both frequent and single flights per year. Purchasing food and drink raises inflight savings to 50%. 

The main advantage is free checked bags for you and three of your travel companions. The annual fee is $99, APR is high and regular, and the nastiest con is the balance transfer fee. 

Spurwing |
Spurwing Island, Kariba, Zimbabwe

Discover it Miles

No annual fee with this travel credit card. It offers a generous program with many opportunities to save, an easy cash-out system – you can even make a deposit to a personal credit card and use the card to refuel your car. 

This program has near perfect conditions as it offers users 1.5x travel miles per every $1 spent shopping.

There are, however, a few disadvantages – airport lounges aren’t available with this program, and the permanent balance transfer fee is written entirely in terms. 

We hope this information was helpful and you will be a bit more informed to choose the best travel card for you, for your next journey. We wish you successful bookings and a safe travel road ahead!

Best travel credit cards of 2022 |

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