Creating a Home Office to Maximise Motivation

Home offices have become incredibly important since the shift to working from home and hybrid working. In this post we’ll explore some options of how you can create a visually pleasing and practical designated office space in your home.

If the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that we need to be flexible and adaptable in our ability to work from home, some, or all of the time.

And even if you don’t need to work from home, it’s still really useful to have a designated space where you can check your emails, search for something online, print the odd thing out, and have a quiet space where you can gather your thoughts.

A home office is ideal for all of the above.

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Interestingly, the UK leads Europe and the USA in adopting hybrid working – commuter numbers are still more than 20 per cent below pre-pandemic levels in the UK. 

And for good reason: working from home can boost productivity and promote a healthy work/life balance. 

You’ll only enjoy these benefits, though, if your home office is built to maximise motivation

Below, we explore 3 options for Creating a Home Office to Maximise Motivation:

1. Turn a Spare Room Into an Office Space

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One option is to turn a spare room into a fitted office. 

This can give you all the space you need to work productively while providing you with a blank canvas to achieve a practical and beautiful home office. 

Installing fitted home office furniture is ideal. By fitting the appropriate, ergonomic furniture, you can avoid any debilitating back and neck pain that can build up from sitting for long periods, allowing you to be fully comfortable so that you can focus on your work. 

On top of this, you should take the time to make the space as inviting as possible.

Try adding living indoor plants to brighten the room and boost your wellbeing. There’s something so calming about the presence of indoor plants. I have them all over my house! 

Plants are also wonderful air purifiers, removing toxins from our homes. Check out this article for the best plants to place in your home.

Also, pay attention to colour when decorating your home office. A motivating paint scheme is something to consider. Red, blue, yellow and green colour schemes are all said to boost your productivity and creativity. 

An essential part of a home office, is of course, a reliable internet plan. Check out frontier internet plans for reliable, high speed internet plans and phone services.

2. Add An Outdoor Office Pod

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If you need an office at home but don’t have any space inside your house, you could consider an outdoor office pod. 

The only tricky parts are ensuring that you have an electrical supply and enough warmth in winter, but there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. 

Outdoor pods get access to plenty of natural light and are generally extremely quiet and peaceful. 

If you manage to create the right setup, you’ll find yourself with a tranquil, productive space to work in. 

3. Create a Home Office Within an Existing Room

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For some, there’s no available spare room or space outside the home. This is common with apartment living. (If you’re from California there are Apartments for rent in Fresno where you can find great apartments with working space. If you’re from New york, you might like to look for apartments for rent in Buffalo with great working spaces.)

In this situation, you should try to create a home office within another room / space. The trick is to make an existing room dual-purpose. 

Begin by choosing your room / space: 

  • This could be the lounge or the kitchen, or the side of a staircase (as pictured above). Some homes have little nooks or built-in cupboards that can be converted into desk areas.
  • Once you’ve decided on your room, you can add a desk in a discrete area that receives plenty of natural light, or add a desk lamp or overhead lighting. 
  • Now, you’ll need to get yourself an ergonomic chair for maximum comfort, and set up some storage space nearby for all your officey things. 
  • Ideally, this can all fit within another room without creating undue clutter.
  • Bring some natural beauty and vibrant colour into your workplace with bright flowers which have been said to increase productivity. You can order beautiful blooms from this online flower shop.

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Creating a productive home office is important in the modern world. 

It can take some time and attention to detail when Creating a Home Office to Maximise Motivation, but by following the guide above, you should be all set to enjoy a functional workspace in the comfort of your own home. 

There’s never been a better time to give working from home a try. 

And even if you have no need to work from home, having a neat and tidy, designated space for checking emails and printing documents is a real pleasure.

Thanks for reading this post on Creating a Home Office to Maximise Motivation, I hope it has been helpful.

And if you do create an office space in your home, I hope you’ll let me know in the comments, or tag me in your photos on instagram :), I’d LOVE to see!

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