Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home

You can’t go wrong with a little paint if you want to add a touch of luxury to your home. Transform the look of a room simply by painting it. With a wide variety of beautiful colours and finishes, it’s easy to achieve an elegant look in no time. 

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

Choosing the right paint colours for the rooms in your home is important, but there’s no need to overthink it. 

As an Interior Designer, I always like to ask my clients how they would like to FEEL in the space we are designing. This sets the tone for all further decision making.

So, ask yourself how you want your space to make you feel, and then consider which colours give you this warm, or cool, or relaxing or inspiring (and so on) feeling…and pick your colours according to the emotions they evoke in you.

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

You can use this approach for everything you choose to put in a room – furniture, artwork, cushions, decor items etc – in fact, I would encourage you to design your home from an emotional standpoint. 

If you love every piece you add to your home / space, then you will love your home as a whole.

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Here are some Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home to give your house a fresh, new look:  

1. Include The Ceiling 

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

Some rooms look amazing when the wall colour is carried up onto the ceiling. 

Having a space that is all the same color has a number of practical advantages: 

For one, it’s more cost-effective than painting your walls and ceiling two different colours of the best interior paint on the market today. It gives the room a seamless look and makes the ceiling appear higher.  

Painting your ceiling the same colour as your walls can impact the room’s atmosphere.

For example, using a darker shade, such as a deep blue or green, will create a cozy feel in a large room, and in a smaller room like a bedroom it will provide visual interest and may even aid in better sleep.

2. Use Varying Grey Tones 

Grey Dining Room

Another way to make a room look sophisticated is by using multiple shades of grey. 

This works well when two rooms are adjacent without any physical division, such as a small living area that includes a dining room and living room. 

A grey paint colour will offer a contemporary feel to the room.  

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

Using the right colour combinations can enhance a space and draw attention to a focal point, like a beautiful fireplace or an attractive painting. 

A light grey sofa against white or cream walls makes for a soothing living room area, especially if you add in a few accents of cool mint or pale turquoise. 

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

While in a kitchen, grey is often considered the best cabinet paint you can use, similarly grey works well as a paint colour on kitchen walls. It’s fresh, versatile and looks amazing with white, wood tones and a wide variety of countertops.

3. Use Metallic Paint 

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

If you want to give a room a contemporary feel, try a metallic paint hue. This doesn’t have to be a full-on gold or silver paint, it can be much more subtle as seen pictured above.

Metallic accents are popular in contemporary homes because of the visual interest and tactile quality they bring to a room.  

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

You can create a feature wall where you paint just one wall with a metallic paint colour, or create an interesting design with two colours – this works really nicely as a backdrop behind a bed or behind a desk in a home office to create visual interest and seamlessly draw the eye up. 

Wall Texture

A feature wall will become the focal point of your room, these are particularly eye catching if the wall has its own texture like an exposed brick wall or a stone wall. During a home makeover, choose a metallic shade based on the style of your home and your personal colour preferences. 

Painting a textured wall with metallic paint gives a room character and makes a beautiful statement.  

4. Draw Inspiration From A Soft Furnishing 

Lounge |

Large rugs with a specific design motif, such as a Persian rug, can serve as a source of inspiration for your paint colours. 

For example, your rug has shades of gold, blue and subtle turquoise. You can use these colours as a jumping off point for the room’s decor. 

Choose a colour from the rug and match it to perhaps a softer hue in a paint colour for your walls, and work from there. 

5. Try Traditional Neutrals 

Cream Lounge |

The new era of interior decorating considers shades of beige and cream to be excellent paint colour choices for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. 

These tones provide a space with the same sharpness and cleanliness as white, without being quite as stark. 

Consider using various shades of beige or cream, as they are extremely versatile and make the rest of your design choices seamless as you build your room with soft furnishings and accessories.  

Bedroom Paint |

Shades of beige, cream and grey never go out of style. Trends come and go, but neutrals are timeless. 

You can always freshen things up with new cushions, throws and accessories if you feel like a change.

I find just swapping a few things around from room to room within your home can create a whole new feeling and breathe new life into your space…Just have fun with it!

Luxury doesn’t always mean overspending. It can be any means to create an elegant look for your home. 

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

The most important thing to remember when choosing paint colours for your home is that you should genuinely love them and they should make you feel good! 

If you can achieve those good feeling-vibes throughout your home, you will truly love your rooms and want to spend time in them. And even more…Your home will be a reflection of YOU which is a beautiful thing. 

Thank you for reading this post on Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home, I hope you have found it helpful. 

Luxury Paint Ideas For Your Home |

Let me know if I can help you in any way by reaching out to me in the comments – I love hearing from you!

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