House Update Vol. 4 – Kitchen

Posted on May 24 2021

It’s Kitchen REVEAL day! If you follow me on instagram you will have seen snippets of the house after we moved in almost 3 months ago. But we’ve been adding finishing touches up til now and I’m finally ready to show you the whole house!

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

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House Update Vol. 4 – Kitchen – consists of mostly photos, as all my House Updates do!

You can check out House Updates Vol. 1 – 3 here.

My very talented and clever husband (yes! we got married 2 weeks ago!! And we’re LOVING married life, even though we haven’t been on honeymoon yet and not much has changed, it still feels different and super special. I’ll be writing a Wedding Day blog post soon so check back for that).

Sorry, I digress, let’s start that again…

My very talented and clever husband took a somewhat awkward plot that was very steep, long and narrow (and COVERED in trees) and built a beautiful home, full of character, warmth and charm.

We like to think of it as having a farmhouse-chic vibe with touches of rustic and industrial style.

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

The look and feel of this home really represent us as individuals and as a couple, and I think that’s what I’m most proud of at the end of the day.

As an Interior Designer I always look to express peoples personalities and unique lifestyles in their homes.

I base the success of each project on how much comfort and joy these spaces bring, as well as how seamlessly the clients practical needs are met.

And this little (not so little) home on Silver Oak Way really ticks all those boxes for us!

You have to decide at the start of a sale build whether to build a blank canvas type of home that will appeal to many, but perhaps not tug on the heart-strings. OR whether to build a home that you truly LOVE that will hopefully create an emotional connection with a select few.

We obviously decided to go with the latter.

And we’re thrilled we did!

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

I’ve split the next few House Updates into the following sections:

  • Kitchen
  • Living & Dining
  • Bedrooms 
  • Outdoor

There would be just too many photos for one post.

SO, without jabbering on anymore, let’s get to the post at hand:

House Update Vol. 4 – Kitchen

We really love this kitchen!  It truly is the heart of this home.

The natural brick and exposed beams create such a cozy jumping-off point for this farmhouse-chic kitchen!

We both really wanted a matt-black island, and we wanted it to be the focal point – which is most certainly is!

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

I didn’t want to go too contemporary and so we added the shaker detailing on the cabinetry, and we eventually settled on a medium-grey countertop with light specs throughout the kitchen.

(Mike was keen on thin black countertops which would have been amazing, but I’m happy those didn’t work out as I think the thicker grey tops work better with the shaker cabinets).

The rest of the cabinetry is white which ties in the crisp white walls that run throughout the house and breaks up the exposed brick nicely.

The black handles and prep bowl mixer in the island are a nice mix of contemporary and classic that tie everything together.

Which brings me to the exposed brick chimney that frames the most beautiful matt-black Smeg oven that I’ve ever seen, let alone used.

This oven is AMAZING! Whoever buys this house, I hope you like to cook!!

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

Over on the right of the island is what we envisioned as a coffee station / wet bar. (Handles still need to be added here – see, we’re still not quite done!)

We were planning to put up some hardwood floating shelves above the coffee station and make it a real feature. But seeing as we’re selling we’ve decided to leave it for the new owners to decide what they’d like to do.

A note to the new owners – The coffee station would look so cute! With a few little plants on the shelves, lots of glass jars of coffee and tea and a line-up of co-ordinating rustic coffee mugs in all shapes and sizes. SO CUTE. Just saying…We know a guy, just ask us.

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

And last but not least, this kitchen is right at the entrance to the house, and I wanted a cute little “mud-room” feel as you walk up the stairs and into the home.

So we added a long country-style bench with a few cushions and hung one of our most favourite possessions above it – our beautiful antique style clock – this clock is pretty big in person and I just love it being a part of the kitchen, it’s gorgeous to look at and very practical.

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

Well, I think I’ve covered all the bases with this House Update Vol. 4 – Kitchen!

Since we got married 2 weeks ago we’ve had flowers EVERYWHERE for weeks, and it really does bring something extra…I might just make it my mission to always have a few bunches around. Even if it’s just some greenery – certainly lifts my spirits that’s for sure.

Thanks so much for reading this post on our House Update Vol. 4 – Kitchen. 

House Update Vol.4 - Kitchen |

I hope you check back soon for the next instalment where I’ll be sharing the Living and Dining areas in this open plan, spacious and welcoming home.

Have a super duper week, and see you back here soon!


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    1. Thanks so much for following along Renilla! I’m so glad you like the kitchen, check back soon for the rest of the house 🙂 Have a great day xx

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