House Update Vol. 2

Posted on February 10 2021

We are two weeks away from officially finishing this home build! WOW, feels like just yesterday that the plot was covered with trees and we were chomping at the bit to get started. As soon as we can, we’ll be moving in, and I can’t wait to make this house into a home!

House Update Vol 2 |

For now though, I’m going to share the progress from where we left off with House Update Vol. 1 (which you should check out if you missed it) all the way to what the house looks like right now.

Read on for my full House Update Vol. 2

House Update Vol 2 |

If you were to walk in there this minute, you’d probably say we were crazy to think that it will be completed by next Friday!

Granted, it’s still a bit of a mess.

But if you’re in the industry, or if you’ve ever done a build or renovation then you’ll know it’s really messy right up until the finishing touches.

House Update Vol 2 |

Let’s talk all that’s left to do with our home build:

  • Finish installing the kitchen and scullery cabinets
  • Install countertops in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Install baths
  • Attach handles to the doors in the kitchen and bedroom cupboards
  • Lay the floors
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Installation of air conditioners and lighting
  • Build the deck and stairs
  • Finish off the pool
  • Landscaping

So actually, that’s quite a to do list!

But Mike’s confident he and his team can get it done. And I’m seeing it happen right before my eyes!

We also need to do little things like install bath rails and hooks and put up curtain rods. 

That’s quite enough talk for now though, lets get to the BEST PART of this House Update Vol. 2 – all the PICTURES!!

House Update Vol 2 |
This is where the covered wooden deck is going to be, which walks right out onto the pool
House Update Vol 2 |
The view!
House Update Vol 2 |
The kitchen is taking shape, SO exciting
House Update Vol 2 |
Our gorgeous matte black island
House Update Vol 2 |
Master bedroom shower – I love the white penny tiles on the floor with the grey wall tiles
House Update Vol 2 |
Master bedroom BIC – and you get a peek of my accent wall here – it’s turned out so well

I hope you’ve loved following along so far with our house update posts. We’ve certainly enjoyed every minute of this home build (well I can only speak for myself there lol, Mike has had quite a few stressful, tear-your-hair-right-out-your-head moments).

House Update Vol 2 |

And I hope you’ll keep checking back in as we move into this home and make it super cozy – we literally can’t wait for moving day!

Thanks for reading House Update Vol. 2, see you again soon for the next instalment – a completed house!


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