My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare

Lush green garden settings, scrumptious food, thirst quenching teas, coffees and healthy fresh juices, space for kids to run around safely – Just a few snippets from My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops in Harare. Read on for all the delicious details… 

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com

Something I definitely miss about my home town are the many gorgeous garden coffee shops.

There’s something really relaxing about sitting in a beautiful, colourful garden with a friend (or your mom) or family and enjoying your favourite hot beverage. 

Bottom Drawer | berrysweetlife.com

And maybe a little treat.

Or a yummy lunch.

Or both.

I guess that’s one of the true luxuries of being on holiday…Plenty of time to waste. 

Pistacchio Coffee Shop

How Lovely.

But, whether you’re on holiday or not, these coffee shops will be sure to add some delight to your day. 

Here are My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare, in no particular order:

(Except the first one might be my favourite)

  1. Bottom Drawer
My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com

Okay, Bottom Drawer is definitely my favourite. You will find this charming coffee shop at 14 Maasdorp Avenue, Belgravia.

The garden is just beautiful, and every time I go there they’ve made some creative changes, which is such fun. 

A new garden bench here, a swinging egg hanging from the hugest tree, a few giant pots added over there…as someone who thrives on positive changes, I love it.

Bottom Drawer | berrysweetlife.com

And the chickens…there are always chickens darting around and cluck clucking away – how sweet. There are also rabbits for kids to visit and a trampoline and lots of grass for children to run and play.

Not to mention THE.FOOD.IS.SOOO.GOOD.

Bottom Drawer | berrysweetlife.com
  • Tea and coffee? Great
  • Baked goods? Delicious
  • Lunches? To Die For
  • Get the salad!!  Their side salads are SO YUM. I don’t know what they put in that dressing, but it’s AMAZING. 
  • Desserts? OMG. YUMMY. Try the Banoffee Pie. Really – You need to try it. You can thank me later.

Bottom Drawer also have extremely friendly and helpful staff, the service isn’t always super speedy, so if you’re in a rush just let them know when you arrive.

2. Pistacchio

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com

In the heart of Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale, Pistachio has tables under cover, and outside under umbrellas. 

Surrounded by lovely pot plants and palm trees, this isn’t strictly a “garden coffee shop” but it still feels fresh and inviting. 

Pistacchio Coffee Shop | berrysweetlife.com

They have an in-house pastry chef which means there is always a huge selection of baked goods, cheesecakes, and some healthy treats. 

Pistacchio Coffee Shop | berrysweetlife.com

We tried 3 treats when I was there with my mom a few weeks ago. Yes, 3. Glutenous I know, but it was all in the name of research, wink wink.

And we would both recommend the millionaires shortbread – really really good. And the vegan brownie – a healthy treat made with nut butter – it was super yum.

Pistacchio Coffee Shop

All the food here is delicious, and their meals are a good size, no one goes hungry at Pistachio!

3. Aroma Caffè

Aroma Caffe | berrysweetlife.com

Another true garden restaurant – You will find Aroma Caffè at 167 Enterprise Rd.

Run by an Italian couple – food is their passion and this is definitely the place to find true Italian flavours.

Aroma Caffe | berrysweetlife.com

My sister-in-law was born and raised in the south of Italy, and Aroma passes the test for her with flying colours.

Expect lots of pasta dishes, Mezze platters, ciabatta with delicious fillings, inventive salads, scrumptious breakfasts and refined desserts.

While I was home a few weeks ago, my family gathered for lunch at Aroma one Saturday, and my sister-in-law surprised me with a truly delicious chocolate cake for my Birthday, made sugar-free and gluten-free (she knows me well).

Aroma Caffe | berrysweetlife.com

My family were pleasantly surprised by how good it was! Better than any normal cake they’ve ordered previously they said. 

This cake was made by Fridge – which is a coffee shop I’ll definitely visit next time. Especially if they make such yummy, healthy treats!

Aroma Caffe | berrysweetlife.com
This was the homemade granola, yoghurt and fresh fruit that I had at Aroma on a previous breakfast visit. It was so delicious!

4. Friends Café

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com

Yet another lovely garden setting, Friends Cafe is located at 15 Shortheath Road, Chisipite, inside Chisi Walk.

Friends Cafe | berrysweetlife.com

I had the most delicious breakfast here – perfect sourdough toast topped with avocado, a poached egg, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and micro herbs. Such a great combination!

Friends Cafe | berrysweetlife.com

One portion comes with two slices of toast with all the toppings, so my mom and I shared one portion which they split onto two plates for us, and it was the perfect amount.

Friends Cafe

There are cute little shops to browse here, as well as a fun playground for kids.

5. The Plot Café

The Plot Cafe | berrysweetlife.com

Found at 9 Carrick Creagh Road, Quinnington, the Plot Cafe is a charming little spot!

With a plant nursery on the same property, you can spruce up your garden after you’ve enjoyed a delightful coffee with breakfast or lunch.

Their health muffins are a favourite of mine. While not 100% healthy they are packed with good-for-you ingredients and if they’ve been baked that morning (I would make sure), they are soft and fluffy and extremely tasty. 

The Plot Cafe | berrysweetlife.com

They also make a good carrot muffin (pictured), delicious fish n chips or salad, chicken or roast veg wraps for lunch and healthy, nourishing salads, among many other options on the menu.

The Plot Cafe does take-away soups that are extremely healthy with no added “bad stuff” which I was very impressed with.

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com
Hydrangeas are my favourite flower <3 I couldn’t believe all these gorgeous colours!

We tried the tomato and butter bean soup (SO good!), the winter veg soup and the butternut soup, all of which were really yum and make for a super easy week-night dinner.

The Plot Cafe | berrysweetlife.com

This is a fun place for kids as they have a trampoline and a nice big jungle gym with swings. 

As a BONUS to My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare:

6. The Stables Market

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com

Which you will find at the Borrowdale Race Course. See their Facebook page for opening times.

Not a coffee shop but a great place to go on Saturday mornings for a cup of coffee, a baked treat or a delicious hot dumpling, and enjoy a spot of light shopping.

The Stables

They have plants for sale, lovely fresh produce, and many, many stands of handmade goods: clothes, bags, jewellery etc.

A great place to go for all your Christmas shopping!

As a bonus, bonus! My favourite restaurant in Harare for lunch or dinner:

7. Taj Restaurant

Taj Restaurant

Found at 157 Borrowdale road, Gunhill.

Taj offers the most delicious, authentic Indian food!

My brother took me there for lunch a few weeks ago and we shared their Vegetarian platter which comes with little pots of all different vegetarian curries. 

It came with 6 or 7 different curries – made with chickpeas, lentils, spinach or paneer with naan bread, rice and popadoms. 

Taj Restaurant

Each curry had the most delicious, unique flavour, so different from the next. And the naan bread was incredible too!

We have eaten here a few times before and the meat curries are just as tasty!

Highly recommend for lunch or dinner. So, so yum.

Okay! I think that’s it folks.

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare that I just had to add a few little favourite extras onto, coz, you know, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a good thing!!

My 5 Favourite Coffee Shops In Harare | berrysweetlife.com

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it, and if you visit any of these coffee shops, restaurants or markets, please send me a message here or on Facebook or Instagram to let me know what you think!

Looking for more coffee shop inspiration? Check out my post on the 14 Best Garden Coffee Shops In Durban.

Catch you again soon, have a happy, healthy day!


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