21 Weeks Pregnant

As I write this I’m 21 Weeks Pregnant, and it’s starting to feel very real! From 24 hour morning sickness in the beginning, to finding out the gender, feeling better and gaining more energy, thank you 2nd trimester…


It’s hard to believe we’re a little more than halfway through already!

But I am indeed 21 Weeks Pregnant

I just posted Our Road To Getting Pregnant, it was a much longer and more challenging road than we ever expected, so check that out if it interests you.

This post though, is all about being 21 Weeks Pregnant with a healthy, perfectly developing baby, it really feels like a dream come true 🙂

We found out I was pregnant shortly after getting home from a month in Bali, it was a total shock and something we were definitely not expecting.

We had been trying to fall pregnant for 18 months (read my post here for more detail), and had decided to do IVF sometime this year.

Thank goodness that wasn’t to be, getting pregnant naturally has felt like such a miracle!

My first trimester was pretty awful to be honest, lol.

I was fine for about a week after finding out I was pregnant, and then the morning sickness set in.

It was 24 hour sickness for me. I felt horribly nauseous ALL the time. Morning, noon and night. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat much, I lost quite a bit of weight, and I definitely lost my sense of humour.

Highly recommend marrying someone with lots of patience if you plan to have babies, because wow, my husband was kind and reassuring the entire time. And while it was horrible for me, I know it was no walk in the park for him either.

We got through it though!

I was beginning to worry that I would feel that way for 9 months, which for some is reality, and I wasn’t sure how I would survive that.

While I was feeling sick the only foods that didn’t make it worse were fruit and vegetables. So I became mostly vegan for a while 🙂

Millet and bananas

An absolute joy of my first trimester was during our 13 week scan when we found out that we’re having a baby girl. We always knew we would want to find out the gender as soon as possible, and it’s so much fun to know.

We only had one girl name that we both loved, so that part was easy!

My second trimester has been MUCH better!

Around 16 weeks pregnant, my nausea finally left completely, and I was able to eat normally again. What a RELIEF.

I’ll never take just feeling normal for granted again.

While I was feeling much better, my energy was still really low. Afternoon naps are a must these days!

I’ve been following Glow Body PT’s free prenatal workout plan to keep fit and strong in a safe way, and I must say, it’s such a pleasure to just open the plan every second day, and do the workouts, knowing they’re perfectly safe for that week of pregnancy.

On the days in-between I’ve just been going for walks or doing a gentle yoga or prenatal stretch. And sometimes I just take the day off completely. I just listen to my body and if I’m feeling really tired, I don’t push myself.

We had our 20 week scan last Wednesday where they check the baby’s anatomy for any issues or abnormalities. It takes 45 minutes to an hour and is very in-depth. They check all the organs, eyes, nose, they check for cleft lip, club foot etc.

All was well which was a happy relief.

Our next scan is in 3 weeks time, and hopefully I’ll get some good pics of baby girl to share in my next pregnancy post.

Until then, thank you for reading my post on being 21 Weeks Pregnant!

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