Move4You November Challenge

Posted on October 24 2019

A 30 day movement challenge to get you in tune with your body and what it needs. Understand what your body, mind and soul crave in order to thrive!  We are all so different and discovering what works for YOU and makes you feel your absolute best is vital. 

Let’s do the Move4You November Challenge together!

I’m so happy you landed on this page!  I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a post or “challenge” before in the history of my blog.  

Well, full disclosure, if you’re new around here, this is the very FIRST challenge I have shared on my blog.  And I’m ALL the way in, boots and all Yo

Here’s what the Move4You November Challenge is all about:

  • Find 10 minutes, or more if you can, each and every day, for the month of November…
  • To move in a way that FEELS GOOD for your body and your soul in that moment
  • Let go of the mental restrictions that you should be doing this, or should be doing that
  • Allow your body to speak to you, listen to what it needs that day, listen minute by minute
  • Be kind to yourself, give yourself the whole month to look in the mirror and see only the things you love about yourself, or just look in the mirror a whole lot less!  Not worrying nearly so much about how you look, or how others see you, just let it go…and see what happens

I’ll be sharing some workouts that I’ve been doing on a regular basis at the end of this post, so be sure to read to the end!

Obviously if you aren’t feeling well, and your body is telling you to rest, then take a rest day.

Here’s the thing:


Do the Move4You November Challenge FOR YOU, for no other reason than to feel good.

How I came to this wonderfully freeing realisation, which is HUGE for me, by the way, is…  

I’ve been on an intensive candida cleanse for 8 weeks now (just a couple of days to go!)  Which includes a very simple, clean diet, along with some supplements to help my gut get rid of excess bad bacteria, and support and grow good bacteria…

(I’ll write a full post on my amazingly healing experience with this cleanse once I’ve completed it.  Plus – I’m turning 35 in a few weeks, eeeek!  Feels like a big one, I’ll be sharing a post on how I feel about that soon.)

Long story short, when I decided to do the cleanse I made a deal with myself…

I was going to be gentle on my body as far as exercise was concerned for the entire time I was on the cleanse and I was just going to do what felt good to me on any particular day.  I was also not allowed to pick myself apart in the mirror, I was just going to let it go.

If that meant going for a gentle walk, that’s what I would do.  If it meant a light Yin yoga, and nothing else, that was okay with me.  And if I actually felt excited to do a heavier workout and my body felt strong and energised, then I would do an intermediate yoga practice, weights or a cardio workout, or all three!

Whatever feels right, in the moment, is what I have been doing.  It has changed how I feel about exercise, it has changed how I feel about my body, and it has changed my body. 

Obviously this goes hand in hand with a clean and healthy diet.

But truly, I haven’t enjoyed “moving” this much since I was dancing every day for hours on end.  I would look forward to dancing in the evenings and be excited about it ALL day long.  And when I actually got to dance class I would have a smile on my face from start to finish.  And I didn’t give a rats who was watching or what they thought!

THIS is how we should feel about how we choose to move our bodies on a daily basis!  It doesn’t have to feel like drudge.  

Exercise can feel natural, freeing, energising, and JOYFUL.

If you’re on-board with this idea, and you want to feel good every time you exercise, then let’s do this Move4You November Challenge TOGETHER!!  I’ll be there with you every step of the way, cheering you on!  

You can do this!  Piece-a-cake 😉

I’m going to be sharing my “moves” every day on Instagram, either with a photo or a little video in my stories: inspiration for you (I hope!) and accountability for me (you have to be my support in this too!)

Follow me on Instagram: @berry_sweet_life

I’d love for you to share your “moves” with me, and all the other #move4you’ers everyday by posting a photo, or a story and using:

THIS HASHTAG: #move4you

I’m so excited to do this challenge with you, and for us all to find new and joyful ways to move our bodies each and every day!!

Here are some of the workouts I’ve been doing recently, to inspire you while you do the Move4You November Challenge:


I absolutely love and cannot live without my yoga practice, these are the two channels that I follow, and the links below will take you to the practices I have been doing the most lately:


(Beginners, intermediate and advanced + pilates and cardio)

5 minute yoga stretch

15 minute beginners yoga

20 minute full body workout

25 minute detoxification yoga

20 minute deep sleep & relaxation yoga


(Intermediate to advanced – she has some beginners videos too)

Growth & gratitude yoga challenge – week 1

45 minute intermediate yoga flow (I LOVE this one!)

30 minute go-to yoga flow



These workouts are great for total body toning, perfect for those days you have lots of energy and feel like jumping around 🙂 :

(For all levels)

15 minute total body tone up

12 minute dance cardio

15 minute kettlebell booty

25 minute total body workout

Side note:  Remember, these are just suggestions, workouts that feel good for my body.  If they don’t resonate with you, try something else…And keep trying different things until you have a smile pasted to your face!  

Sounds so corny, but honestly, it’s in you somewhere, you just need to find that thing that draws it out of you!!!

Move4You November Challenge |

One last little snippet –


I find meditation to be extremely grounding, it somehow brings me back to myself, a few moments away from the noise of the world and everyday life can work wonders to put things back into perspective…

How to meditate (if you’re new to it)

Guided meditation series

I can’t wait to get started, comment below, or on instagram if you’re in!  And don’t forget to use…

THIS HASHTAG: #move4you – with every Instagram post or story related to the challenge, checking in is a great way to stay accountable, and find inspiration to keep going!!

Let’s get happy about moving our strong, capable bodies every day!!

Bring on November 1st!

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