My First Blogger Recognition Award

Posted on August 21, 2017

I’ve been nominated for my first Blogger Recognition Award!

My First Blogger Recognition Award. A pat on the back from the South African blogging community for Berry Sweet Life, a Food Blog with many healthy recipes. |

When I say my first Blogger Recognition Award, what exactly do I mean?  It’s simply a way for bloggers to recognise one another for their hard work, dedication, and to say “hey, I see what you’re doing, and I like it, keep going!”

I’d like to say a HUGE Thank You to Amilinda Wilkinson of The Little Hedonist for nominating Berry Sweet Life, I was humbled and so excited when I found out.  Amilinda writes amazing restaurant and coffee shop reviews and you should definitely take a look at her blog for eating-out-inspo galore!  She’s a legit foodie, and I like her style.

Amilinda asked me to share how and why I started my blog, and two tips that have helped me on my blogging journey:

How & why I stared my blog

I started my blogging adventure with Berry Sweet Life just over a year ago (WOW, how has it already been a whole year?!) and I’m finally comfortable with calling myself a “blogger” without feeling like a fraud.  The idea to start a Food Blog came to me one day when I had been in South Africa for about 6 months, had an Interior Design job, and felt like I needed a creative outlet that allowed me to focus all of my passions into one thing…Cooking healthy food (with the odd indulgence of course), photography, and clean design.  The writing side…well, it’s a work in progress, but I have come to love that too!  And that is how, in a nutshell, Berry Sweet Life came into being!  It has been the hardest, most challenging, and yet, most rewarding and amazing thing I have ever done!

My First Blogger Recognition Award. A pat on the back from the South African blogging community for Berry Sweet Life, a Food Blog with many healthy recipes. |

My best two blogging tips

If I were to give two snippets of advice to anyone starting out on this crazy blogging journey, I would say – first and foremost, blog about something you LOVE.  Something that you wake up thinking about, and you go to sleep thinking about (and you sometimes have weird dreams about), something that is just in your blood. That way, I believe, you will never get bored, and you will never give up.

The second thing would be – try to be helpful to others.  I have noticed that the more helpful the post is to people, the more they will flock to the blog.  So while we blog to share the things that we love, we should also try to make a positive impact in someone else’s life, in whatever way we can.

Being the healthy food, healthy lifestyle, yoga, meditation, and travel lover that I am, I found myself drawn to the following 10 blogs because not only are they quality blogs, but the authors all seem to be living out their passions, being true to themselves, and sharing valuable, useful information with their readers.

In no particular order, here are the 10 blogs I am nominating for a Blogger Recognition Award:

1. Imagine You

Melanie writes with a straight forward, no-nonsense manner about REAL life, she’s all about being true to yourself while stepping out of your comfort zone and broadening your horizons.  I love her sense of humour – she has a knack for putting things into words in a way that makes SO much sense to me!  She will equip you with some great ideas, tips and tricks, while encouraging a more positive, confident outlook on life.  I think we need to meet for a cuppa, Melanie!  If you’re ever in Durbs…

2. Lauren Kim Food

Lauren is a food and lifestyle photographer who shares lots of simple, healthy recipes (and a few indulgences, we’re so ok with that!) that look utterly delicious, with beautiful, clean photos.  The layout and design of her blog is gorgeous and so fresh!  I just want to jump right into her virtual world and grab myself a Strawberry Ice Lolly, or some Low Carb Lemon Tart!  Check them out, you won’t be sorry.

3. Boring Cape Town Chick

This lovely lady will give you the deets on transport, accommodation, food, and what to see and do in amazing places all over the world.  From where to stay in the Kruger to gelato in Venice, cute little lodges in the South African bush, to the real-deal Pizzeria in Rome.  Meg’s writing and stunning photographs will give you the travel bug, so be warned!  She also writes restaurant and beauty reviews.  If you don’t already know about Meg and her incredible world adventures, take a look…You’re gonna to love it!

4. Wellness In The City

This blog is run by a couple of gorgeous, fit and healthy Cape Town girls…Nicole and Marisa.  If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, these two will give you the inspiration, information and tools to do so. They share delicious, healthy recipes, fitness tips – from how to perfect the pull-up to boxing classes, pilates classes, training trails, yoga and SUP (Stan Up Paddle-board) yoga (Whaaat? It’s a real thing guys! Holy balance!), fitness tips for mammas, and beauty tips.  Give this lovely wholesome blog a good looking over…There is so much good stuff to be found.

5. A Zesty Life

I’m a huge fan of Yolandi’s interior decor style, which is what first attracted me to her blog.  She has decorated several of her own homes which she showcases on the blog, as well as some other gorgeous homes that feature – lots of inspirational ideas.  Yolandi also posts on recipes, beauty, lifestyle, travel, crafts and diy.  She says she is adding zest to everyday life with the little things to make it a bit more special.  That you are, Yolandi, thanks for sharing your gorgeous spaces with us!

6. Positively Sossie

This blog is a lovely little nugget of sunshine and sweetness!  Sarah is a self professed chatterbox who has created a stunning blog full of inspiration, tips and tricks on how to tackle life in a more organised way, become a morning person, as well as baking and diy tips.  She looks at life with humour and positivity and I love her happy vibe!  Sarah is a real inspiration. Keep being you, Sarah!

7. Dominique In The City

If this blog doesn’t give you the travel bug, nothing will!  Dominique is a photographer who captures photos of her adventures near and far, and they are Simply Stunning!  She captures a raw realness that I find refreshing and inspiring.  I particularly like her post on Street Art In New Doorfontein. Dominique also does restaurant reviews on all the best foodie spots, so if you’re into photography, travel and food, you’ll love this blog.

8. Pure Sweet Joy

Deborah is a registered dietician who loves diy’s and being creative.  She believes in a good balance between work and play, cake and veggies – my kind of gal!  She shares many free online crafty downloads, diy ideas and of course, healthy RECIPES!  I would describe this blog as a pretty and happy virtual box of inspiration.  Thanks for all the crafty and yummy prettiness Deborah!

9. Average South African

From Thailand to Limpopo to Mozambique, as well as local destinations galore, Tebogo loves to travel!  And she will take you with her on an informative, food filled, tropical journey from the comfort of your couch.  Informing you of the best accommodation, activities, scrumptious food spots and more, so that when you book your next holiday, you’ll be well equipped to decide where to go.  She also shares blogging tips, life advice and a little poetry.  Hop on over, she’ll be happy to have you!

10. Outlandish Events

I’m in love with trawling this blog for incredible party-food and decor ideas!  These guys know what they’re up to when it comes to event planning and decorating…They share photos from all their latest events which include anything from destination beach weddings to an Alice In Wonderland 30th birthday bash.  This is a beautiful spot to find inspiration, or, contact them if you’re looking for event planners extraordinaire!

What to do now?  Share the love!

1. Write a post announcing you have won and that you’re awesome.

2. Thank the person who thought of you during their 15 minutes of fame.

3. Explain how, what and when you started your blog adventure.

4. Share two of your best tips that have helped you flourish as a blogger!

5. Nominate 10 blogs you think deserve to be recognised. Take the time to select blogs you truly feel deserve it and let them know why.

I’ll leave you with something that I learnt just last weekend that made a huge impact on me…Fear is all that holds you back from doing everything you long to do.  Once you remove the fear and realise that you are strong, capable, and worthy of doing great and exciting things in this life, you will start to realise your full potential!

My First Blogger Recognition Award. A pat on the back from the South African blogging community for Berry Sweet Life, a Food Blog with many healthy recipes. |

I’m off to whip up something healthy for lunch!  Apart from giving me itchy travel feet, inspiring me to try some diy ideas, and convincing me that I need a new eye cream, writing this post has made me HUNGRY! My First Blogger Recognition Award. A pat on the back from the South African blogging community for Berry Sweet Life, a Food Blog with many healthy recipes. |


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